FAWN Gifts to close in January 2018

Dear friends, customers and community,

I have decided to close the brick and mortar shop in Batavia, IL in January 2018. Exact date TBA.

This is not a sad story. Instead, this is a story about recognizing limitations, strengths, weaknesses and what it means to have a sustainable business. Sometimes I like to look at FAWN as a quickly produced social experiment and in those terms, I believe things have gone very well. FAWN gave me an outlet: it was a way to share what I treasure, articulate my values, provide a service, and root myself in my community.

One of the values FAWN helped me to articulate is sustainability.

This plays into the shop through many of the goods that line the shelves. They are local, they were not transported across oceans, and most never even end up on a UPS truck. Many of the items you find at FAWN are dropped off by their actual maker.

I am also a huge advocate for self-care and self-healing because I believe it is the only way to sustain ourselves moving forward. It is in each of our best interests to find ways to take care so we can better engage with our families, our careers, our communities and the outside world.

FAWN does not feel sustainable in its current form. I’ve done the math, soul-searched, researched, and meditated upon this. I have many thoughts and ideas about future incarnations but we have a holiday season upon us and that will be the focus in the coming months. The best way to find out about future adventures and incarnations is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and sign up for the Newsletter.

Thanks to all of you who have supported FAWN. I’m hopeful we’ll see more of you as we move into the gift-giving time of the year. If you are in need of client gifts, employee gifts, holiday cards or anything custom please reach out or stop by the store.

Thank you,
Brea Hayes
FAWN Gifts