Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Welcome to the FAWN Gifts 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Have someone on your list with special tastes, or simply looking for inspiration? We've got you covered with carefully curated gift suggestions including items you won't find anywhere else in the Fox Valley.


ANGEL, 35, (or someone like them) is a budding mixologist even if only for friends in their basement bar.

  • Rocks Glasses
  • Batavia-made cutting board
  • DIY Bitters Recipe Book
  • Southern Roots Whiskey Candle
  • Vintage Decanter 

CHARLIE, 42, (or someone like them) loves plants but kills them.

No really, they can barely be trusted with anything that is actually alive.

  • A golden airplant holder from Cival Collective
  • A Terrarium
  • Maybe just a picture book about Terrariums?

JOEY, 26, (or someone like them) just moved back to Batavia and is in love with the charm of the city and getting back to homegrown roots.

  • Thousand Pine's original artwork made from reclaimed wood found in Batavia (check the back for info about the site the wood was originally from)
  • Batavia Tea Towels
  • Hearth & Hammer candles, a proud Batavia business
  • Batavia Map notebook 

JUNO, 55, (or someone like them) loves beautiful things with a touch of the hand. 

Who can blame them? We do too. Have you been in our store? This is our specialty.

  • One of a kind Rothshank vase
  • Stitch & Rivet Purse
  • Hand Painted Silk Scarf
  • Vintage Broach (Yes, we carry vintage)

TAYLOR, 37, (or someone like them) loves their beard, the outdoors, and American made leather products. The practical type.

  • Beard Oil from Upper Lip Sweater
  • Paddle Your On Canoe by Nick Offerman
  • Stitch & Rivet's Leather Wallet
  • Field Notes Pocket Notebook

JESS, 8, (or someone like them) is a precocious youngster that you would love to keep busy over the Winter.

  • Smitsonian's Makers Lab Project Book
  • Make your own Ornament Kit
  • Lazy Crafternoon Book
  • Make your own BOAT Kit

JAMIE, 32, (or someone like them) seems to always be cold and keeps a small little heater in their cubicle.

  • An oversized scarf and gloves set
  • A handmade mug with tea insert
  • Peppermint Tea from Octavia Tea

AUGUST, 26, (or someone like them) has a witchy vibe but more modern and less Ren Fair. 

  • Wild Unkown Tarot Card set
  • Judy Hall's newest book Crystal Mindfulness
  • Handmade Jewelry from our favorite makers

SAM, 14, (or someone like them) is right at that age where Feminist role models can steer them into a passion for equality and justice. Important for our future generations!

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's We Should All Be Feminists ( mention how Beyonce is a fan)
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg mug
  • Bad Femininst by Roxane Gay
  • Burning Books travel candle

CORY, 64, (or someone like them) has a tendency to overshare about a lot of things including their dry and/or sensitive skin in the winter. 

  • A mix of all natural body care products from Mia's Wish
  • A cactus if you are into setting boundaries

HARLOW, 72, (or someone like them) loves birds and spends a lot of time seeking them out along the Fox River path. 

  • Helen Macdonald's H is for Hawk
  • A super cool bird feeder (doubles as an air plant holder)
  • Leather Journal Cover with Field Notes insert