River Town Life Podcast

River Town Life is a podcast developed in partnership with Fox Valley Voice to promote discussions around self-care with the artists and makers that make FAWN Gifts possible. We've just released our pilot, give it a listen and share your feedback with us at shop@fawngifts.com.


River Town Life #4: Randi Watson of The Foxbox Collaborative

Brea chats with Randi Watson (@thefoxboxco), co-creator and force behind The FoxBox Collaborative. Randi and her husband, David, run a blog that features small businesses and makers in the Fox Valley area. Other topics include: How to create community, The Four Agreements, 'notworking' and general gushing on each other. Theme music by James Cardis. Produced by Jaime Gutierrez for the Fox Valley Voice network.

River Town Life #3: Joanna Goss of Well Crafted Design

Brea chats with Joanna Goss (@jowayseeker), crazy awesome artist, designer, and #ladyboss of Well-Crafted Design. Other topics include: @goldenhoursocial; devil goats; Neapolitan vs. Spumoni; and the Brides Spring Resource Soiree at Penrose Brewing in Geneva on Sunday, May 28, from 1p to 5p. Theme music by James Cardis. Produced by Jaime Gutierrez for the Fox Valley Voice network.

River Town Life #2: Annie Scholl of Hearth & Hammer

Brea chats with Annie Scholl of Hearth & Hammer Candles. (http://hearthandhammer.co/) These two #Ladybosses chat about Annie's journey back to Batavia as an adult, rumors and folklore surrounding the city's history, their favorite old people, and running a business on instinct and intuition.

River Town Life #1: Pilot

Get to know Brea Hayes, the owner of FAWN Gifts, in this 1-on-1 interview with producer and host of Fox Valley Voice, Jaime Gutierrez. Topics include pioneering 80's sitcom The Golden Girls, tarot, self-care techniques, urban vs suburban attitudes, and the origin story behind FAWN Gifts.